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I have been 'designing' things from a very young age. From paintings to houses built with sticks and stones and all I could get my hands into, my childhood was lived with a sense of creativity that I didn't pay much attention to until it was time to go to Uni and I had no clue what course to choose. So what I did was basically choose the city I wanted to move to according to the amount of Hardcore and Punk gigs there were... and so I moved to Lisbon, in Portugal and yeah, I did go to loads of shows. :D The thing is I didn't really like the course I got into, which was Product Design. It was really interesting but not for me. And everyone studying Graphic Design seemed to have their hands on really cool projects but at the time I didn't think much of it because I was really busy going to all the shows. Two years passed and I eventually decided to swap to Graphic Design and move to Porto, the city I fell in love with. Porto is the city that taught me a lot of what I know personally and professionally! Since then (10 years ago already!) I have been designing all I'm allowed to and I've been moving to different places and back again, working in every single place I can, I've finished my Master's and then suddenly moved to the Isle of Man. You must be thinking there are not a lot of shows in this bit of land in the middle of the Irish Sea and yup... you are absolutely right! So that means all I have left is work and that's why I started my business. A lot of randomness, innumerous experiences, work, sweat and a few tears here and there made me an entrepreneur(-ish) and I am loving it! Want to know anything else about me? I'm an open book so get to that contacts page and send me a message or email (you should probably copy and past it because it's kind of a tricky name).

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